New balance

New from New Balance

We’ve got some amazing new kicks from New Balance

1) M997PR Authors Collection Made in the USA


Originally designed as a part of the 1991s 990 series, New Balance have brought back the classic 90s shape, paying homage to the original American styles.  Made in USA is an authentic limited range that is produced with superior quality and craftsmanship, in fact, factory workers and producers had to re-learn how to make this pair as they would have in the 90s. Local labour and craftmanship does not come cheap, as you can imagine. You are buying a product that is pretty much top-of-the range in terms of crafted kicks.

2) New Balance REVlite CRT300 Pack

photo 1

This is a re-introduction of the 70′s silhoutte partnered with the classic mesh and suede with the additional REVlite sole. These light and versatile sneaks echo of former days, back from the future, with off-white tones and bold blues.

New Balance CT300 REVlite

It’s in our opinion that almost all sneakers are unisex despite what the label says; if it fits it is yours!




Sneakers The Complete Limited Editions Guide

The colab and the limited edition, the most wanted and sought after of all sneakers. Nothing ordinary, all extraordinary concepts drawing on the original. Sneakers The Complete Limited Editions Guide delves into the top limited stayed sneakers created, from their designers to the intricacies of their build. A  must have anthology for all sneaker heads.


From Galilee to the Negev

Offering a new perspective through his book From Galilee to the Negev, photographer Stephen Shore pilgrimages across the landscapes of Israel and the West Bank. Through the lens of his camera, Shore reveals the diversity and complexities of the region. Exploring the lives, stories and beauty of a very misunderstood and fascinating place.

From Galilee to the Negev. 2014. Stephen Shore. Phaidon.

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Winter Warmers

It is usually during this time that we tend to get prematurely excited for the ebbing summer months. The sunshine teases with its warmth, while the ambient air is reminding you that it is still cold. These sorts of weather conditions make us vulnerable to contracting the symptoms of a Joburg winter, flu, extreme dryness and the cold night shivers. Here are some top tips for getting through the remainder of winter in top form.

1) Prepare

Dress in layers that you can strip off during the day as it starts to heat up. Always carry a warm top with you to protect you from any unexpected gusty and frosty days.

2) Moisturise

Joburg, and winter in general for that matter, is always dryer. Your skin cracks and becomes increasingly more sensitive. Lips, don’t forget to your protect your lips with a salve, not with petroleum.

3) Drink up

Keep hydrated and warm with lots of water and hot beverages.

4) Stay Warm

Warm & Glad is an unbelievable warm space that receives the radiant rays from the rising sun. Come and visit us for the perfectly cosy warmth of our cafe.


New books

Books Please

We have some awesome new books in store, great new titles and some that are back by popular demand; all beautiful and great collectables.

Star Wars: Story Boards

Insights of the legendary film’s storyboards from the greatest design team of the modern era.

Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide

A guide into the world of revolutionary sneakers that offer the sneaker freaker something different, the colab and the one-of-a-kind design with very limited release numbers.

Create Your Own Online Store In A Weekend

Author, Alannha Moore, guides readers into the process of starting an online business that fits their product and budget; an easy approach to joining the world of e-commerce.

The A-Z Of Eating Out

An innovative and light-hearted guide to enjoying every dining experience.

A Royal Cookbook

A recipe collection of the seasonal menu of the coveted table of the British royal family, set in the heart of Buckingham Palace.

On The High Line

A landmark that has seen over a million vistors since its opening. On the High Line is an interesting tour through America’s beautiful urban garden.

Nordic Light Modern Scandinavian Architecture

A book representing the architecture that delights in the influences of natural resources and refined techniques.


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Warm and Glad

Cafe life in Warm & Glad

If you follow us on Instagram, you would have noticed that we have been sharing about the individuals that visit our cafe. Relationships are the lifeblood of Warm & GladWe love our visitors and knowing what they are going to order before they have taken a seat. We prize the friendships we have made with our visitors that were once strangers that we now warmly call family.

A meal is an important moment and when you choose to spend it with us, well, it is something we look forward to. We want to share these moments of your life with you, moments that are seemingly everyday and make them into moments that are excitedly anticipated.

Here’s to the meal; here’s to those moments when you have a sip of our Barista, Auphie’s, flatwhite and a bite of Chef’s pulled-chicken sandwich and you feel simply glad. Welcome to our family.

VeraVera writing a letter to a loved one.

IvanIvan doing last minute work before embarking to London for the Mongol Rally.

Jeremy, Hand of the KingJeremy being the “Hand of the King” for the day.

Charles and NathanCharles visiting for his birthday.

ChefChef, in the Kitchen.




Dream Cars

Showcasing the most beautiful and innovative concept and limited-edition cars, Dream Cars presents out-of-this-world insights of American and European manufacturers. This book delves into cars built between 1934 and 2001 by visionaries who have influenced the automotive industry, challenging the motifs of aesthetic and technological development. Some of the luxurious and breathtaking cars include dream models such as he 1935 Bugatti Type 57 Aerolithe, the 1951 LeSabre concept car, and the 1954 Alfa Romeo B.A.T.

Dream Cars: Innovative Design and Visionary Ideas. (2014). Sarah Schleuning and Ken Gross. Skira Rizzoli.


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Run Rabbit Run

Cape Town based illustrators and designers, Run Rabbit Run, have launched a winter sweater range and RAD The Store now stocks it. This range is called Lazy Sunday a collaborative between Run Rabbit Run x Hello Mr Frank. Simple, snug and sleek street wear that looks simply RAD. These unisex sweaters are awesome for every one, from size Small to Extra Large. Come to RAD to check this local and limited edition winter wear out!


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Images courtesy of Run Rabbit Run


What we’re listening to – Nicola Conte

Music is a big part of the ambient culture of Warm & Glad. This week we are highlighting the tunes of Nicola Conte. Conte’s music is a combination of Contemporary and Latin jazz which he produces with vocalists and esteemed musicians. A guitarist, DJ and Jazz enthusiast, Conte offers a new perspective on  present-day Jazz.

We’re currently playing Free Souls, and it’s a cracker! Take a listen here.

Nicola Conte - free souls

 Header image courtesy of vincos.



Hello PUMA

We officially welcome in a new brand to our RAD sneaker collection, PUMA. We have a selection of simple and fun styles from the MMQ (Macht’s Mit Qualitat) range that represent the favoured and classic style of PUMA. The S/S 2014 MMQ range is filled with suedes and rough leathers, a crafted collection that remains true to PUMA’s characteristic styles.  We have the MMQ Brazil, MMQ Stepper and the MMQ XT2. Available in colour styles: Black, Dark Denim, and Curds and Whey from size 6 to 12. Yes,  even size 12. Come in and try on a pair.


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Pulp Fiction

Tarantino’s masterpiece  Pulp Fiction can now be explored in all its revolutionary detail, page by page. The Pulp Fiction book looks at every aspect of the 1994 film’s creation to its screening, from film stills to exclusive behind-the-scenes shots. A detailed look into the film that changed perspective on approaching film.

Pulp Fiction: The complete story of Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece. (2013). Jason Bailey. Voyageur Press.


Skinny laMinx Stationery

Designer Heather Moore is the creator of Skinny laMinx, a creative label that stocks unique design prints from cushions to note cards. Based in Cape Town the studio on Bree has grown from a local shoppe in the Mother City to stocking products internationally. We have added Skinny laMinx to our new stationery section, you will now find the Sunny Days Notecards with Envelopes and Notebook Collection. The Collection was created together with San-Fransisco based publishers Chronicle. Beautiful and unique.





Thailand: The Cookbook

This is an extraordinary recipe book filled with classic culinary wonders of this tropical nation. Food Writer Jean-Pierre Gabriel traveled throughout Thailand in search of authentic dishes that represent the everyday food, from home-cooked meals to street vendors. An authentic representation of Thai at its best. Including 500 classic recipes from curries to coconut rice, Thailand is filled with exotic ingredients as well as familiar flavours too. For fans of the Thai meal and for those willing to take a step into a different culinary world, this is a book that promises new insights.

Thailand: The Cookbook. (2014) Jean-Pierre Gabriel. Phaidon.

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Eddy Merckx

Bicycle Legends

Sanet Stegmann, the interior and product designer introduces her latest works, Bicycle Legends. She tells of her great love of figuring out how objects work, their functionality and beauty by drawing them. Bicycles captured her attention through their form and historical elements. This fascination led to Stegmann’s latest watercolour works of five classic bicycle styles; Eddy Merckx, Greg Lemond, Binard Hinault, Fausto Coppi and Sean Kelly. Simplistic and beautiful.